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User Info: RunzWthScissorz

8 years ago#11

The demo I downloaded ended after you get Doc's journal. It was labelled "Episode One" leading me to believe it was the whole Episode.

User Info: Stone500

8 years ago#12
The Demo is actually the whole thing, except that in order to play all of it, you also need to download the unlock key that you purchased and install that. Then you can play much farther than finding Doc's journal.
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User Info: dakko

8 years ago#13
Silly people, Why would a demo be the entire episode? that kinda defeats the purpose of a demo, its about 15mins long if you dont faff around.

So on these forums for the MILLIONTH time

- This game is episotic
- There are 5 parts
- You buy ALL the parts upfront for $20
- All subsequent episodes, 2, 3, 4 and 5 when released will be free for you to download

I honestly dont understand why this is confusing so many people, im pretty sure it even explains it in the PSN download description

User Info: RunzWthScissorz

8 years ago#14

My apologies Einstien!

User Info: Foofyhead

8 years ago#15
It doesn't take Einstein to realize the demo is just a demo.

This is also how most PSN (or other DL) games are. You pay for an unlock code.
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User Info: momanari

8 years ago#16
If it has an unlock key, then it's obviously a trial and not a demo :)

User Info: dkconklin

8 years ago#17
^^ There is nothing correct about that statement.

User Info: SoPoF

8 years ago#18
"Silly people, Why would a demo be the entire episode? that kinda defeats the purpose of a demo, its about 15mins long if you dont faff around."

To the defense of the "silly people", for episodic games, it isn't unusual to give you the first episode for free as a demo. And the desciption says Episode 1, not demo of Episode 1. Maybe it also says somewhere you will only get to play the short tutorial for free, but I haven't seen that anywhere. I, too, was surprised when the demo ended right after a few minutes.

That said, I think the short demo was pointless. Unless you haven't heard of Telltale and have no access to the internet, you most likely know what kind of game this is. The demo shows you not much else, it's way too short to make up an opinion.

User Info: WinWinWinner15

8 years ago#19

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