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User Info: Time_Child

8 years ago#1
I love the movie series, especially parts 1 and 2. But I hate it when characters in movies are replaced, so when I heard that Marty's character will be voiced by someone other than MJF, I was a little bothered. Do you think it's still worth getting?

User Info: atzuin

8 years ago#2
Marty's VA does a fantastic job, sometimes its hard to tell its someone else. Biff's on the other hand...well.
Story so far is pretty good too. I'd say it's not a must, games never are, but as a BTTF fan you can't go wrong with this.
Even if you don't even like adventure games (like me).

This is a pretty good movie-license game, hard to believe eh?

User Info: Saxon

8 years ago#3
It's understandable that Michael J. Fox couldn't voice Marty McFly being that he's in the late stages of Parkinson's disease, which has retired him as an actor.

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User Info: J5_isAlive

8 years ago#4
Absolutely worth getting for fans, coming from someone who can basically recite the whole first movie. It takes away some of my sadness as a child when the credits for part 3 rolled in the theater when it said The End. It's not perfect, but it totally respects the universe and adds to it.
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User Info: Supersoldier105

8 years ago#5
Of course it is.

This is Back to the Future 4 you know.

The reason why Biff doesn't sound like Thomas Wilson is because he refuses to even talk about BTTF.
He has been type casted as Biff and isn't happen about it.
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User Info: EsperValkyrie

8 years ago#6
biff sounds enough like biff for my liking. As far as anyone should be concerned this is the closest we will ever get to Back to the Future 4, and the best part is there are four more episodes to go, and the possibility of future seasons as well. When it comes to time travel, the possibilities are limitless
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User Info: FairlyOddChelle

8 years ago#7
This is a MUST! As a gamer, I don't know if I really love the gameplay, the controls, camera angles, etc. The mechanics of it leave a lot to be desired. But...it has great graphics and I love it for just being a whole new little story in the world of Marty and Doc. For me, that's going to be well worth the $20. I loved the first episode.
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User Info: Mudhippie

8 years ago#8
For me, being a fan of the movies, this was a must have.

I will agree with some that say the controls leave something to be desired, but the story is worth the money. I would recommend.
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User Info: Time_Child

8 years ago#9
I decided that I am going to buy it, but not until all 5 chapters are out because I really don't want to have to play it in spurts.

I'm hoping they will release it on disc at that point.

User Info: lowrclassbrat

8 years ago#10
Must have? hard to say since it's only one episode into it but, it's been fun so far............
As compared to atari lynx and nes back to future games it's much better. Not due to technological reasons but, due to the fact it has a decent story and keeps true to movie saga versus those games.......
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