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User Info: AmanoJ

8 years ago#1
Just wondering if any sort of pricing has been announced. If it's obvious, I am sorry, I must have missed it.
Trying to think of what would be fair for something like this... I've become quite interested in this game, but with 5 episodes being released, I am simply unwilling to pay 15 bucks for each one - for a total of $75 for an adventure game. I just can't imagine what would end up being right.

Fifteen is simply too much for me (it looks like just a long psn adventure game, with little else to do... even if it IS cool and has Christopher Lloyd and actual canon story...). Ten bucks for each adventure episode would be... well, still a lot. I mean fifty bucks for an adventure game, again, seems like so much to me.
Five bucks per episode would be preferable, but I somehow doubt that they would go that low.

Or something like ten dollars for the first episode, then 5 for each additional would be sort of ok.

It's just hard, because after 5 eps, the price ends up being a lot no matter what, and you have to look at the whole game together and decide if it's a good value. A PSN adventure game can be a lot of fun, but 5 eps just guarantees it's longer, not necessarily any more complex or involved as a game.
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User Info: majorft182

8 years ago#2
Sam and Max was $35 total if you pre-ordered, I believe, and maybe $40 if you got them separately. Wouldn't count on this being any higher.

And if you actually look on GameTrailers, there's a press release saying that it'll be $25 for the whole thing.
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