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User Info: moxxidude

8 years ago#11
Doubtful this game will be able to enhance on the mastery of LJN's Back to The Future game </sarcasm>....which I bought in the 80s and said everything AVGN did, 20 years before he did. What a piece of junk that was. Oh man. But this game, has a lot of potential as I enjoy point & click adventures and haven't played one in years.

User Info: crazyevets

8 years ago#12
Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here. I love that line.
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User Info: ztype85

8 years ago#13
Get the hell outta my car old man

User Info: toyota22

8 years ago#14

where can you buy this game?

User Info: MatrixSpidey92

8 years ago#15
LMAO at Cage2004. That was just hilarious, I totally pictured both biffs' in the car and the older one hitting the younger. Just priceless!
"I play games because games play me."
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