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User Info: al0rion

8 years ago#11

snowboard340 posted...
you probably don't need too powerful of a pc for this game...

Yeah it won't need to be powerful;)

Now all that remains is to sit tight for the release date. However, I may have pulled my eyes out in impatience by then, and will not be able to play the game.:x

User Info: DJPLACE

8 years ago#12
i hope it's off the LJN game oh wait....

User Info: Obiwan456

8 years ago#13
What's the chances of the whole thing being put on XBLA as one big thing after all 5 episodes have been released? If this doesn't come out for XBLA at all, that will be the thing to make me get a PS3. Even though I just got my Xbox in October, I'll do what I have to to get a PS3.... around all the 360 games I'm buying, and the 3DS....oy. Good thing I'm gonna get to get a summer job.
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