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User Info: henzler3

8 years ago#1
back to the future: the game is going to be the real game, this game will rock!!!!

this is basically back to the future part 4 like ghostbusters the game is the 3rd, in game form

I am happy to say that this will fit the movie nicely, back to the future wasn't and shouldn't be a platform game, or a first person game, an adventure game fits the series nicely and I am glad that the makers and some of the cast is willing to work on this game

the first 3 games for the nes and others were crap, it showed that game makers weren't getting anyone involved, all they did was get the license for the series and make it into whatever they wanted to, barely any of the AMERICAN games were even about the movie, the first and second game had nothing to do with the movie, marty never ran in the streets, or tried to avoid lighting, and the 2nd one marty never traveled that much through time

I am super exicted about this, I been saying they should of done a game like this for ages, a same that it is a cult classic that is only loved by very few, but THANK YOU TELTALE, FOR KEEPING THE LEGACY ALIVE AND STANDING UP AND SAYING THAT THERE SHOULD BE A PART 4

I say this only because it starts 6 months AFTER the 3rd, which makes it a part, if it was a squel it would of token place a year, if not years after the last, and every back to the future is a part
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User Info: ukloukloiy

8 years ago#2
I just hope they wont make a stupid platformer out of it .. i loved Ghostbusters the Video game. Hope this will be good to.
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