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User Info: anroth209

2 years ago#1
1.what skills should I max to beat the game
2. what's the max level
3.if skills are not important to beat the game can I beat it just by leveling and making the best gear. game plus yes or no

User Info: flanqer

2 years ago#2
See the Skill List FAQ for details about skills. Most of the crafting skills are important: Crafting to make better accessories (which function as armor), Blacksmith for weapons, Mixing and Cooking for stuff to recover HP and RP. Combat skills give you stat bonuses for the type of weapon or magic you're using or type of enemy you're fighting. Other non-combat, non-crafting skills give you bonuses to general stats like HP.

Max level is 99.

If you find that you aren't getting any more story quests (gold turnips), check the Request Guide FAQ.

User Info: Alltra

2 years ago#3
The way the skill system works, you gain stats from each level of a skill. What stats you get depend upon the skill.

That said, the actual skill itself isn't important in most cases.

Skills that are easy to level, and offer great stat gains, tend to be more valuable than say...Weapon Combat skills like Sword Proficiency.

Crafting skills are very useful. They're easy as hell to raise, and valuable for making good gear.

Cooking is another vital skill.

Anything that increases your stamina. Stamina is hugely important because everything you do requires it. Walking and Jumping are good skills. It's possible to automate leveling these skills, but it's time consuming.

The Max Level is 99.

You could just level up and make good gear and beat the game. This is not a hard game.

There's no NG+, but there is postgame content.
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