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User Info: dofnup

8 years ago#1
Soooo horrible!!! >_<
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User Info: DarkDruidSS

8 years ago#2
Funny because that is exactly the one I am stuck on haha. Came here to see if anything was posted.
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User Info: IcedEarthaholic

8 years ago#3
I just got passed that level myself, God that level was a pain. I found the trick is to actually assault from the rooftop down and hope to God you can trigger the TNT explosion. I'm now at level 3-8 and if you thought 3-5 was tough, 3-8 is tougher.
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User Info: kcrclark

8 years ago#4
Ok so I conquered the game. I have beaten all 8 sections. I even went back and got 3 stars on almost all of the levels. My question is this? How do I get the rest of the Golden Eggs to unlock? I have 3 stars on the level with the treasure chest, can I open/unlock it? I have unlocked 1 of the bonus but not the "treasure chest", "question mark", etc. Thanks ahead of time for any input.
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  3. Gah!!! Level 3-5!!
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