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User Info: DjFIL

9 years ago#1
Not sure if anyone else is addicted to this game, but boy is it ever great fun. Just have a question if someone can answer. When you reach the big office (8+ seats) you then get the opportunity to create your own Console. But to do this you require to have a Hardware Engineer. Two of my employees are very highly rated, and it shows in their 'work history' experience as a Hardware Engineer (even though that is not their current job title). When I try and use the 'Career Change Manual' item to have them switch to Hardware Engineer, the option is not listed. Does anyone know what the requirements/stipulations are to use this to switch someone to Hardware Engineer?


User Info: JustiNIC

9 years ago#2
I'm wondering the same thing.

User Info: GreyDragonClaw

9 years ago#3
Me too, the only thing I haven't tried is hiring one, maybe spend loads on hiring (Hollywood Agent maybe) and one will apply? It's a worth a shot.

User Info: sugakunoneko

9 years ago#4
I gained a Hardware Engineer by switching "Mister X" across multiple jobs (leveling him up to 5 in each career before switching him to the next one). After he had taken every job available, he unlocked Hardware Engineer. Chances are the requirements aren't as stringent as that, but at least that's one way to get them. So, save up on those career change items, and save up the research points to max out their levels.

User Info: DangerousFat

9 years ago#5
I can confirm that your method worked for me, I had to train him in every other job to 5 first. So, that may be the actual requirement.

User Info: xXReBirthXx

9 years ago#6
Make one guys/girls LvL5 in all possible job changes. Buy the job change manual from the salesman.
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User Info: ho1y

9 years ago#7
Or another way you can wait for Mr. Chimpan Z to appear, the monkey is a natural hardware engineer, I'm currently in my 22nd year... crazy game... so addictive, hope they give us more with newer updates

User Info: Kai989

9 years ago#8
Yeah changing Mister X's jobs worked.
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