I rarely run across toxic people in my games.

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User Info: F1areaGaman

6 months ago#1
But I never rage or flame.

Usually if you get on someone for a mistake, they will bark back at you. Try avoid stressing out your own team.

But yeah, especially lately, I've noticed less and less flamers. Sometimes I run into some...SOME feeders...but finding an intentional feeder is like 1/30 games for me.

Also, just party up. That solves most of this games problems. Solo ranked is for improving imo. It shouldn't be the main way anyone plays this game.
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User Info: thehelpfulgamer

6 months ago#2
The joke is the game you're playing isn't DotA, right?
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User Info: dermoratraken

6 months ago#3
I point out mistakes politely and then spend the rest of the game having the noober raging and point out all of my 'mistakes.' No idea what game you're playing.

User Info: sherudons

6 months ago#4
Play techies then.

Encounter rate +++.
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User Info: Biceptual

6 months ago#5
I raise the toxicity level of most everyone in every game I play by being a gigantic jackass.
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User Info: JowyBlight

6 months ago#6
One thing I really liked when I started playing again, is the option to mute the [all] chat in options.
Literally nothing posted there in pub games serves any purpose except trash talk and being able to disable it made the games a lot less unpleasant since I don't need to mute that level.

I recommend turning the feature on if you don't care to or like trash talk.
Now if only you could turn off the Well played! spam too, the chat part of the game would almost be good. :)
"Riou...you came. Just like you promised. ...here we are ...here once again."

User Info: Annuit_Coeptis

6 months ago#7
yeah i had advocated for that to be muted by default earlier

most people don't change the options and there would be a lot less trashtalking if people thought most people weren't listening

User Info: Squad06

5 months ago#8
Every game I play has someone toxic. If someone isn't I make sure I am.

User Info: Tiztu

5 months ago#9
I stopped playing PvP back in 2016, while I never had a single feeder in my team, almost every game seemed to have a flamer...
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