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User Info: sherudons

6 months ago#11
monkeysample posted...
sherudons posted...
Mmm, you learn bad habits and get them reinforced...

One game was enough for me to understand how bad it was for people looking to improve.

You could almost say this is a video game where....people....wanna

Which is most people probably. Turbo is awesome.

You must be new here, welcome!

Now dota is about suffering, pain and slowly becoming a souless mass of hate and bigotry... hat's..

If you disagree, que in SEA and feel, don't think.
Former Meepo Of Gfaq.
Official Techies of Gfaq, sometimes it is not enough to watch the world burn.

User Info: SpeedDemon20

5 months ago#12
Turbo mode is AMAZING. I love it.
Crystal Maiden... gal could break your heart in a thousand pieces. -Rucks

User Info: Annuit_Coeptis

5 months ago#13
lycan meta was basically turbo mode but only for the team with lycan

and no one realized it for like a month

that was the best patch

User Info: JowyBlight

5 months ago#14
Super Dota 2 Turbo: Champion Edition
" came. Just like you promised. we are once again."
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