Adios amigos!

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User Info: CloneTheHero

5 months ago#1
Happy to say I finally uninstalled this game. feels good friends.

After a historic, disastrous, and morbidly awesome 15 game losing streak where i couldnt win a game to save my life ive decided to hang up the gloves.
playing pos 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. it didnt matter. i can honestly say i had maybe 2 or 3 really bad games during the streak... but to go 15 straight games with horrible teammates, rage feeders, clueless noobs, and self-players is ridiculous.

i mustve gotten tagged by dotas 'you aint winning sh**' algorithm and gotten the best cancerous d*****bags dota has to offer. HAHA!! no other explanation.

anyway friends, the highs were fun, the lows were a pain, but i accomplished my goals and im fine walking away from the game. i dont feel like climbing my way back out of the trenches again, its time consuming and the communities too toxic. yall have a good one. see you when dota 3 drops in 2024.

> Game is hard

User Info: SpinKirby

5 months ago#2
In a recent statistical study, it was shown that only 9/10 people want to play DotA 2.

User Info: DeathScythe_527

5 months ago#3
I'm done with solo queue for the most part. 5 stack where we play for fun or bust.
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User Info: thehelpfulgamer

5 months ago#4
Yeah, after playing with a couple old Dota 2 friends recently I pretty much exclusively play with them now.
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User Info: TME_Guy

5 months ago#5
censoring words in 2017????

User Info: Jaguar_King

5 months ago#6
It is a big mistake to play ranked, specially under the belief that doing so will accomplish something for you.

I've had just as bad losing streaks as you did and the guys I play with/against are as toxic as ever but I didn't feel discouraged. Wanna know why? Because my motivations to play are different from yours. I won't play to get higher MMR or anything that I can boast my ass about, because that's completely futile and pointless.
I've been playing before the existence of Dota 2 itself, so I know better now.

I've had positively better games while in low priority queue than I did while playing ranked. That kinda says it all.
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User Info: tote_all

5 months ago#7
CloneTheHero posted...
no other explanation

Sure bud.

Just remember the only common factor in those 15 losing teams is you.
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User Info: sherudons

5 months ago#8
tote_all posted...
CloneTheHero posted...
no other explanation

Sure bud.

Just remember the only common factor in those 15 losing teams is you.

Sounds like something I say, frequently.. as techies.

My soul is cold, I need the heat from your rage to keep me alive.
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User Info: CloneTheHero

5 months ago#9
tote_all posted...
CloneTheHero posted...
no other explanation

Sure bud.

Just remember the only common factor in those 15 losing teams is you.

HAHA!! oh here it is... i was wondering when the obligatory holier than thou, self-righteous post would appear. youre a little late buddy. glad you made it.

lol you geeks dont deviate from the book do ya?

but youre forgetting one thing... the other common factor was the intentional feeders and self players who refused to help the team. a crucial factor that isnt in every game... in my 15 game skid is was all too present.

im not sitting here saying i played like a seasoned pro... i had my bad games but i surely didnt play bad enough to warrant a 15 game losing streak. i even tried supporting, hard carry... nothing made a difference. it was my time to get a string of bad teams. it happens to us all, dont sit here and pretend its never happened to you.
i dont think you could lose that many if you tried. so buddy, take your attitude and take a hike. lol.

User Info: afireinside7844

5 months ago#10
lol tc
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