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  3. What is up with the chat window??

User Info: alpacino1983

2 years ago#1
Why did they change it like this? I just want to see what my teammates have said, but I have to scroll to the bottom every time? Please tell me I can change it back to the old way...
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User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

2 years ago#2
It's massively bugged right now and makes the game unplayable for me, so I'm waiting for patch. Changes how several alt clicking things report too.

You can test this by being in a custom game. It only bugs once you can scroll, so it'll work normally until ~6 things are in the chat.

In a real game, "X has picked X hero" is a text so it's bugged from the start.
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User Info: Annuit_Coeptis

2 years ago#3
What the hell valve. Enemy team is trashtalking for no reason, I respond like usual, and half my messages don't show up for me and another quarter just don't show up at all?

While I'm flattered that I apparently type so quickly I break the chat window, a key part of this working with any sort of effectiveness is being able to call someone a dumbf*** piece of s*** half a second after they type something. This is really cramping my style.

Also: people trashtalk immediately after the patch hits, in unranked. Stay classy, dota players.

User Info: Dartkun

2 years ago#4
It's so busted rn.

Kinda sad, I'm still super hyped for 7.00 and carry-support-ganker Treant but I kinda can't play right now.
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  3. What is up with the chat window??
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