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User Info: Zuxtron

2 years ago#11
woolays posted...
techies buff plz

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User Info: xoAxelox

2 years ago#12
refmon posted...
Played dota on and off for a long ass time but why is this such a big deal?

the jump from 6 to 7 signifies a large change in this patch
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User Info: TME_Guy

2 years ago#13
new heroes?!?!!??!?

User Info: refmon

2 years ago#14
Paperblade posted...
refmon posted...
Played dota on and off for a long ass time but why is this such a big deal?

6.00 was over 11 years ago and was a huge patch--it was the first patch with Icefrog as the head of the game (before that it had been Guinsoo). It saw tons of new items, 10+ new heroes, quite a few hero redesigns, and even the map was changes significantly

Well alright then! I'm hyped.

Thought it was going to be a range of buffs/nerfs like recent past patches
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User Info: Firelion6593

2 years ago#15
TME_Guy posted...
new heroes?!?!!??!?

Besides Monkey King? Seems unlikely, but not impossible
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User Info: Dartkun

2 years ago#16
I think the jump to 7.00 is cuz Monkey King will be the first new new Hero. Means expect new heroes going forwards, pretty damn exciting.

User Info: DeathScythe_527

2 years ago#17
Purge did say that Valve told him it would take him over a day to do his analysis at the length he usually does them.

User Info: FT_Booster

2 years ago#18
We League now?

Like what possible could be changed this much?

Am I going to have to buy a new computer to play this? lmao
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User Info: Dartkun

2 years ago#19
Honestly, I could see pretty league-like changes. Something like merging the contents of the secret and side shop or something. Not saying if that's a good or bad idea, but I could see something like that happening.

User Info: aNiceLay

2 years ago#20
Was gonna play some sites that bus was rekindled but if it's going to s*** I'll just keep playing ffxv
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