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  3. what's the ideal cs by 10/20 minutes?

User Info: afewmangos

8 years ago#1
what i mean is how much cs should you have by 10 min/20 min and how much is considered "ok?"
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User Info: Bald_Money

8 years ago#2
For which role?

User Info: mykal2

8 years ago#3
10 min - 50
20 min - 100

User Info: ScarletShin

8 years ago#4
100 in 20 mins is alot. Dunno about 10 mins.
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User Info: LookANinja

8 years ago#5
From: mykal2 | #003
10 min - 50
20 min - 100

These are pretty much determined as "above average" levels for pub play.

User Info: Pooi

8 years ago#6
Ideal is 82 cs in 10 min.

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User Info: UltraCookie

8 years ago#7
That would assume passive farming though. Action packed games will obviously draw your attention away from last hitting.

User Info: MoonDanceKid

8 years ago#8
IIRC, there are 82 CS that spawn in lane by the 10 minute mark. If you are carrying, the minimum you should want at that point is 50~. Ideally, the hard carry would want 60-70 by the 10 minute mark and anywhere between 100-130 by the 20 minute mark.
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User Info: MStrucho

8 years ago#9
This topic makes me feel good about my last hitting. Someone told me 70cs by 10 mins was what I should aim for and I'm always a bit sad when I see 50~ at the 10 min mark.
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User Info: FatherRussia

8 years ago#10
50 CS at 10 minutes is probably going to leave you a little shallow of 350 gpm. Not too shabby if a tower goes down, or you get a hand full of kills on top of that.
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