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  3. Anyone know how unit selection works?

User Info: Baelex

10 years ago#1
in WC3 Dota, unit selection was just like WC3 - you issue commands to the unit(s) you have selected. You re-select your hero by pressing f1 and pan to him by double clicking it.

In LoL, you can't deselect your hero and to pan, you just hit one button, space.

Does anyone know which one Dota2 will be? The LoL one makes 100x more sense but IceFrog seems to be pretty close minded to change in general.

User Info: Ness26

10 years ago#2
i'm guessing you can deselect because heroes like Chen and Enchantress nearly require it. Unless they do something like tab switches who you control, and you can hotkey different units.
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User Info: fi3rcedragon

10 years ago#3
I know that by holding Ctrl down, it issues out commands to all your controllable units, but I'm assuming it will be like WC3 because of heroes like Meepo and Chen.

User Info: funkyfritter

10 years ago#4
The lol system has the drawback of greatly limiting the control you have over your minions. It wouldn't work in dota at all.
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User Info: Paperblade

10 years ago#5
The LoL system is terrible unless you're only controlling one unit
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User Info: Buddy_Dacote

10 years ago#6
LoL system is alright, but it could've been better. I hope DOTA 2 woll have control groups mapping, like in HoN. I also hope there is a hot key to select your hero, so you won't have to worry about mapping your hero to the right control group. And make it impossible to deselect your hero unless you click on a controllable minion.

User Info: Burayan

10 years ago#7
The selection I liked was from Hon. Using syllabear I could have control 1 as wildsoul, control 2 as the bear and control 3 as both of them. Also it doesn't go away after death.
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User Info: xHFx

10 years ago#9
HoN was good with the fact that they will stay as long as the unit isn't a new set of units (such as Balphagore's demons).

The bad thing is that the god damn thing is in the bottom right hand corner, and you can't shift-click to get an individual unit out of the group...

WC3 had the best one because the engine was based off an actual RTS. Let's keep it that way but maybe take the HoN one where units will stay on that group selection.

User Info: Setsa

10 years ago#10
My guess would be the exact same as wc3. The LoL system worked for only controling one hero, but if you needed to controll more than one, you were boned :/
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