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User Info: messiah_of_evil

8 years ago#1
I know that i have to kill the Samurai-like mechs in each area, but before i can find sall of them, i fail the mission via my ship being destroyed in a area im not in..

any tips for this? i've been using lancelot because of its fast attacking speed
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User Info: MadScientistNo4

8 years ago#2
I used Wing Zero, what you want here more than speed is someone who can take down the boss units quickly, using the spinning laser attack at close range can take a big chunk of health from the enemy, and you can finish it off with melee or a single buster shot.

Remember to pay attention to the operator and check your map often. After you clear the 1st area, a boss enemy should appear in either the top, bottom, left or right area (the other areas are there just for traveling, but bosses never spawn there, as far as I can tell), you can identify it by looking for the area with the little red square on them. Go there, kill the boss as fast as you can and wait for the operator to acknowledge that the target has been destroyed and notify you of the next one, if you don't get the "target destroyed" message, then you killed another pink unit, not the correct one.
After 4 notifications I think, an enemy should spawn in the middle area (your starting point), that's the last one so you can empty all your remaining ammo / special bar on it.

I suggest you ignore the jamming generators to save time , what I usually do is fly near the ship and start killing the grunts around it until the boss eventually comes close, if I do spot the jamming generator on my field of view then I destroy it, otherwise just ignore it.
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