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  3. Some VERY annoying multiplayer issues with this game (read before purchasing!)

User Info: 1Y2i3m0d

9 years ago#1
Feel free to add your own or tell me what you think guys, but I doubt many people will be able to argue with this.

First, a few very small tweaks which would mean so much:

More cover areas, like better placed objects which you can crouch behind and shoot enemies from. With careful placement, it can be well balanced out.

Some more tactical movement options; no wall strafing or going prone? C'mon, even Brothers in Arms 2 had wall strafing which kicked ass. At least the ability to go prone would have given something now, but not even that. Just a simple crouching method which has already been seen and done before, and hardly contributes to anything.

Trees etc need to actually absorb bullets if shots, so they can be used as some from of cover. Currently, enemies can well shoot you if you stay behind trees and they'l get you spot on even from a distance.

The entire grenade process is wrong, almost as bad as Brothers in Arms 2 online. With a game that moves so sluggish at times, it's virtually impossible to get away from grenades. In some cases, it's also quite difficult to throw them where you want. It's represented by a microscopic icon near the fire button which takes a considerable amount of mashing to press correctly. At not point do I ever feel in control with my grenades, throwing them is always a risk that I'l end up killing myself. When I actually do have time and space to throw them, it's just too difficult to press. Make the icon bigger FFS! On the same point, there should be a grenade icon when it lands near you which gives you some form of a tiny chance to even get away from them, instead they just explode instantly without you even noticing they'be been thrown.

Body and leg shots need to be tweaked to cause more damage! You can spray an entire magazine in an enemies mid body area or legs and they'l just walk along normally. They'l kill you with one shot near the head before you kill them with 30+ rounds to their body. It's almost useless to aim anywhere else.

First time spawning; players who join a match that is already in progress will almost certainly die instantly. You'l be spawned somewhere randomly, and you'l have to sit through a short black screen while the game slowly fades into action on your camera view. By the time you gain full playing control, you'l likely already be spotted and killed.

The pause menu during multiplayer is a ****** joke!. You'l find it extremely frustrating just to exit a current match. Your pause menu is always interrupted and reset back to the game when you get killed. In other words, you want to quit the game so you pause it and look to press the Main Menu button. If a player kills you during this time, it will show the kill animation and you'l be re-spawned again. You need to be very quick in pausing and exiting the match otherwise you'l just keep dying from people who are lucky enough to find an inactive player on the map.

Conclusive, there are also spaces to improve the network connectivity and performance optimizations. Nowhere near as good as they could be. What do you guys think?
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User Info: TheRisingSon

9 years ago#2
I agree wholeheartedly. While I have less of a problem with the headshot vs bodyshot issue (afterall, those with better aim should be rewarded with an instant kill - and a head shot is obviously instant kill) the random spawning thing is extremely annoying. EVERY SINGLE TIME I enter a game I am instantly killed before I can even see what's going on. And the game tricks you into thinking you can duck behind one of the sparsely littered objects in the environment even though they provide no type of cover. It takes several instances of someone dying to realize that they can't take cover virtually anywhere on any of the maps.
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  2. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
  3. Some VERY annoying multiplayer issues with this game (read before purchasing!)
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