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  3. Ver. 1.10 update is live (lag issues fixed)

User Info: Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa
8 years ago#1
Go re-download the game from PSN and you will have the updated version of the game. Lag issues are fixed and the functions for the X and O buttons have been swapped for menus.

User Info: o0hi

8 years ago#2
The X button is also now the attack button.

User Info: stevew2607

8 years ago#3

I cannot wait to redownload tonight and see the improvement. I really liked the game and I think this patch will get me through it.

User Info: Darrentg

8 years ago#4
So does it run really smooth now, or just better than before? Coming from someone who owns an iTouch...... I'm up for a good game that should have standard controls like this, but I'm VERY wary of developers that make games for iOS and their track record of releasing games as broken, and just general incompetence.

iOS is such a wasteland when it comes to gaming...... well, a wasteland for anyone that has standards, I guess if I only wanted 5 minute at most shallow distractions it would suite me well...
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User Info: LeonAlabard

8 years ago#5
Well, finally. Going to download it right now.

User Info: Darrentg

8 years ago#6
So how is it? Damn, nobody is commenting on how much the update helps!
XBL/PSN: Gigamog ------ http://www.backloggery.com/darrentg (still updating)
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User Info: stevew2607

8 years ago#7

It plays 100% better. The only bit of lag I notice is a tiny bit smashing boxes, but killing enemies I don't notice at all. Also they remapped the buttons so they make sense for a PSP. Definitely do not hesitate to get it now.

User Info: TLR_

8 years ago#8
Here's a video of the speed patch:


...and just for ***** n giggles, here's how it used to be:

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User Info: Twizzlle

8 years ago#9
So downloaded the new version and yes SOME lag issues have been fixed but not entirely.
It runs 100% better then Version 1.0 but it still has slowdown and framerate issues.
I have the game on my HTC EVO and and it runs smooth as silk.
I bought the PSP version because I have a PSP go and thought using a PS3 controller would be awesome for this.
Very disappointed with this update. I still support the game and all its glory but its just a shame that such a great game has been ported so poorly.

Perhaps people that have PSP's with VSH (so they can increase the CPU speed) will have better luck getting the game to run smoother.

User Info: The Chow

The Chow
8 years ago#10
Yeah, I finally decided to purchase and download this yesterday. Even without comparing it to other versions, this simply *looks* like it's lagging. For example, at the beginning when your character is running into the town square, he appears to lag for every tile he runs in (unless that was intentional).
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