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User Info: jake-sf

10 years ago#1
Nevermind the fact that, this game calling itself GOTY is the biggest pathetic irony of gaming in the last few years, but what the hell? Is this just a self proclaimed GOTY or what?

No way this game is deserving of any sort of GOTY title.

User Info: traykey1

10 years ago#2

Exactly, all the goty's i've got in the past come fully patched and with expansions/add ons in box.

In another topic i said they probably did this to cut cost, or are plain lazy lol.

User Info: quanticdream

10 years ago#3
well, maybe not of the year, but I say that this game is much better than many others... not #1 maybe, but top 10 or even 5 for sure.)
so, TC, if you don't like it - gth off this board...

User Info: shawnmck

10 years ago#4
Does anyone know if these codes can even be used more than once, or are they a one-time only use?

Cause if they are only good for once, then that sucks, cause what happens if my PC screws up or my hard drive becomes corrupted. Will I have to purchase them all over again?
The reason I ask is because if I just purchase them separately On-line, then I get a code to re-down-load them again if I need to.
But I am not sure what to expect from these codes?

User Info: shawnmck

10 years ago#5
Never mind. Found the answer...


"This code will become invalid after use."

^ That is BS.
You can just purchase the DLC directly from the Internet and then have access to the DLC as long as you still use your receipt code that they provide you with.
Why is this GotY edition different?

User Info: StreetFighter10

10 years ago#6
It's Gearbox, you should expect there to be lots of bugs, strangeness, cackhandedness and general unexplainable problems that have never been an issue with other companies.

Of all the people to get Duke Nukem. Can't wait to see how they mess up its launch and what the first DLC 1 week later will be. Probably an entire stage that was completed 8 years ago.

User Info: Devil_may_fry

10 years ago#7
What do you expect, the game is only €25, with map and instruction booklet, even without the one time DLC download I think it's pretty good compared to the price.

That said, if you are from Europe, I heard the American version is more expensive.

And what the heck, by the time you want to reinstall it, thing has been hacked, only support is so primitive you can even co-op legal with illegal.

User Info: EndofEternityxx

10 years ago#8
Hacked? The only DRM is a CD key check (and it's not done through the Gamespy servers).
Common sense shall henceforth be referred to as rare sense.
And intelligence as a mental illness.
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