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User Info: xGPK1987x

10 years ago#1
I'm getting ready to install it and everything! =P
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User Info: scorpion_great

10 years ago#2

wait do you get the duke nukem card or certificate? like is it an actuall nice looking card or just a random piece of paper?

User Info: maniaxe613

10 years ago#3
PLEASE be sure to post a video of Duke Nukem Forever!
(Please call me Maniaxe) I can beat anyone with Ryu! :-)
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User Info: 3rd_earthling

10 years ago#4
I got it today too! First time to Borderlands...

The Duke Nukem certificate thingy is made to look like a Treasury note or something like that. It has a nice enough design (black and white) but it's just a thin piece of paper.

Where can I see what version this GOTY edition is? Don't see any indication anywhere- in game menus or in the readme. I know patch 1.50 is coming soon but I would like to play with the latest patch as of right now. Google doesn't come up with this info either.

User Info: Trane_Heartnet

10 years ago#5
Usually if your havent got the latest patch version then when you try to login to play online it will come up with a message saying you need to update and it will open your internet browser so you can download the update
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User Info: 3rd_earthling

10 years ago#6
Yep... couldn't install the first dlc. Said BL needed to be vers 1.10! So the game comes unpatched. What's another 200MB when dl'ing almost 6GB of the expansions...

I'm *really* liking the game so far, so it's all worth it. The guns feel very nice (and shell casings actually eject away from my face, unlike in so many other games), combat is good, characters are funny and the graphics are a nice change. Nice!

User Info: shawnmck

10 years ago#7
Does the extra content come on a separate disc, or is it a code to download from the internet?

User Info: 3rd_earthling

10 years ago#8
The 6GB I mention is the dlc/expansions. GOTY contains 1 dvd with the original, unpatched game, 2 pieces of paper with the dlc code (just 1 code for all of them. I had no problems) and Duke Nukem code, manual and fairly nice map.
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