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User Info: xGPK1987x

10 years ago#1
I'm getting this tonight at midnight! I cant wait it looks really sweet! I plan to go to Gamestop pay for it, take it home, and play to hell outta it! Add me on my PSN below if you want. =-P
PSN: GPK1987

User Info: hawkin90

10 years ago#2

I hear you man! :)

I have played this for so many hours, but now that the GOTY edition is here Im looking forward to it like a new game!

God I love this game!!

User Info: misterchief02

10 years ago#3
I've never played Borderlands. I work at a GameStop and all I hear is good things, so I've decided it's finally time to pick it up and the GOTY seems the best option. Hope it's good!
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