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User Info: dragonstrider

8 years ago#1
I was just wondering what people enjoyed with the number intros, especially when they do something different/unexpected.

I would have gone with number 10's demon baby before today, when I saw number 4 get shot! And the next round, there was police tape up for 4, and he was gone!
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User Info: tim1724

8 years ago#2
I like the one where 2 falls off the mountain.

User Info: Saikyo Mog

Saikyo Mog
8 years ago#3
I haven't seen them all, but 4 and 10 was quite nice. Rosemary's Baby that one..... :P
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User Info: xdawgamer

8 years ago#4
my favs include :

question 10 on the grown up orphanage ( picture of a middle aged dude pops out and goes "hey")
question 9 when it slows down to super slow mo creeped me out a bit.
and deffinately number 6, just because " six is a robot! six is a robot!" and "I.....Love....You"
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User Info: DerekTah

8 years ago#5
I hope someone decides to show all the alternate numbers videos at youtube at some point.

Also I suspect the letter f was involved in 4 murder. It had the most to gain!

User Info: FreeRangers

8 years ago#6
Then there is the 4 intro where they are in a graveyard and they show the tombstone of 4 (presumably the same 4 who was shot in the club)
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