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User Info: BuildMan147

7 months ago#1
To the first board I joined when I began on gamefaqs. And to the game that started everything for me. I hope all of you whom have xbox ones, ps4s, pcs, and switchs all get to enjoy the hell out of this remaster. Alot of great memories came from this game and I hope to make as many more before it is finally laid to rest one day. But to reiterate... a toast to dark souls!
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User Info: Timbo101

7 months ago#2
This board was the reason i joined gfaqs 3 years ago.

*raises glass of estus*
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User Info: SilverKyousuke

7 months ago#3
While this board was not my first, it is one of two I'm active on nowadays! (The other being DS3)

*raises bottle of Sunny D*
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User Info: DarknessxVega

7 months ago#4
"Raises Estus before dying"

Yea same here, first board and the only ones I look at the DkS1 360 and PS3 lol
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User Info: Unbound-King

7 months ago#5
I love this place.
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User Info: ChazA4

7 months ago#6
I'll second that toast, with the addition that this is the first(and likely will be the only) board I've gotten Expert status on. :)
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Worse: When asking for the damage, they say "Does anyone have a calculator?"

User Info: Artgon

7 months ago#7
I'll raise a toast to that. This was also my first board. I regret finding out about the remaster because now I'm going crazy thinking about how long I have to wait to get it.

User Info: Shadowhunt92

7 months ago#8
*Raises flask*

For those about to die, we salute you!
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User Info: BrelenRaven

7 months ago#9
Dark Souls was the reason why I made a Gamefaqs account. This board was my first online community I ever joined and this board had the first group on the internet that became a bit more then just random internet strangers. A lot of memories I'll never forget! ^w^

*Raises Flask*

May the remaster let this game live on for many more years to come!
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User Info: Big_Nabendu

7 months ago#10
Here Here!
*raises sunny d*
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