5/25/18 DS1 Remaster Release Date!!!

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User Info: Timbo101

7 months ago#1
Dark souls 1 has been confirmed for Switch, PS4, and XB1!


It will include the artorias of the abyss DLC and run at 60 FPS. Blight town will push the system to the limits!

Praise the sun!
Xbox 1 DD:DA Pawn Name: Ghost Lev 200 Utilitarian Challenger Sorc
Gamertag: TimboSunShine

User Info: LaLiLuLeLoSnake

7 months ago#2

I moved on to Dark Souls 2 back in late november after getting my last DS1 achievement.

This will have to wait until I clear all Soulsborne games.

Dark Souls 3 is next after I get the last 4 DS2 achievements.

Hopefully, they'll remaster Demon Souls. I haven't played the original and I no longer have a ps3.
Xbox Live: Allenbih
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User Info: a1gundam

7 months ago#3
Nice glad I held off on the dlc. I also hope they do a Demons Souls remaster. I really don't know if the online servers shutting down in February is a sign of this happening or not. It has been 9 years and the servers were almost shut down before from what I've read but I'm hopeful.

User Info: BrelenRaven

7 months ago#4

Connections that work? Silky smooth frame rate? Mmmmm... :3

My brother will love to hear this. :D
I've been called the Hero of Kvatch, Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, Dragonborn, Courier 6, and the Arisen. But just call me Brelen.

User Info: ChazA4

7 months ago#5
Just saw this on my FB feed myself. Quite nice to hear; hopefully it will get the purchases to prompt From to remaster the other SB games...

Nintendo's pulling out some surprises lately. Even if all the Switch gets are remasters, they weren't kidding about third-party support.
Bad: When you attempt to disarm a trap, the GM says "Uh oh..."
Worse: When asking for the damage, they say "Does anyone have a calculator?"

User Info: DarknessxVega

7 months ago#6
Looking forward to a review of the final product. Specifically, give humanity like the message says when you kill a gravelord. And a permanent eye of death.
Mors Ex Tenebris

User Info: Artgon

7 months ago#7
Finally. People said it was never happening. Who's laughing now? Probably Adzeta if he's still playing.

Can't wait to go back to lordron. Imma have to remake my builds from scratch. Getting spell and pyro stacks is going to be tough.

User Info: Timbo101

7 months ago#8
I will resurrect my SL56 Anor Londo dickwraith Int build.

Xbox 1 DD:DA Pawn Name: Ghost Lev 200 Utilitarian Challenger Sorc
Gamertag: TimboSunShine
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