Wats your highest character?

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User Info: Big_Nabendu

7 months ago#1
I got a 286 wizard
And a 205 str/fth paladin build
Dashboard or die, forest ganker.
GT Nabendu \[T]/ Owner of 500 and Leader of sunbro board

User Info: Anarki471

7 months ago#2
I usually stop at 125 to 140 for the majority of builds but for my first few ever (2 of which i still have)befor i knew as much as i do now i went as high as i could with one reaching about level 350 and one (started with the Pyromancer) reaching max in all stats at level 709
I swear that link is not a rickroll

User Info: Artgon

7 months ago#3
My highest character without mule was around 200. My highest with mule was 380 so I could put most stats at the soft/hard
(forgot which is which lol) caps with vit and end at 99.

User Info: BrelenRaven

7 months ago#4
Holy crap! I was actually going to make a topic like this soon... XD

My highest, and 2nd, character is 159. She was a ninja. :3

Not very high, to be honest. X3

That's what I like about DS2. There's no reason to not be constantly leveling. : ) (Yes, yes Soul Memory blah, blah, blah, but leveling is fun, dammit! lol)
I've been called the Hero of Kvatch, Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, Dragonborn, Courier 6, and the Arisen. But just call me Brelen.

User Info: Unbound-King

7 months ago#5
My highest character is super lit. He's the 420 guy, of course!
GT: Sho Minamimotto PSN: Azure_Reaper8 3Ds FC: 0662-2616-5710
I prefer casual games. Let's play! [I fear vacuums and the ocean and I'm a Scrublord. I suck!]

User Info: Vicious_Dios

6 months ago#6
S / K / Y / N / E
Twitch/YouTube/GT: Adzeta
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