Which equipment should "I" use/upgrade?

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User Info: MrDrSirLord1337

8 months ago#1
Ok before I started playing, I'd seen about 5 minutes of my friend playing against a boss on NG+, and heard the "horror" stories about how hard dark souls is supposed to be. never had any desire to play the series before antil I saw the 1st and 2nd game pre owened for $20 and thought why not.

So far I've gone it blind without looking up any guides, have done quite well by just going every were I can and am enjoying this game.

I started as a knight with the master key and got the winged spear by chance when I refused to let those over leveled skeletons stand between me and some loot. Instantly fell in love with the winged spear, keeping the Astora Straight sword(that I got in a similar fashion to the spear)as back up for the enemies the spear wasn't too good against.

But now I've reached level 36 and are upto the Gaping Dragon. (And while exploring killed pinwheel, and did some other stuff I can't remember.) And my much loved weapons were to weak and required materials I didn't have to upgraded.

So now I'm currently using the halberd+5 with the Grass Crest shield+5 to easily dispatch most enemies with little trouble. With some Pyromancy and Miracles as back up.
But some of the enemies are getting to strong again and I need new weapons...again.
But this time I have enough materials to upgrade what ever I want, and are willing to farm for more if need be and go on a quest for a specific piece of gear.

Now for the actual qustion.
I need some good equipment that will last me through till NG+ provided I look after it
So what swords, sheilds and polearms should I be useing?

My playstyle consists of being very evasive of attacks and useing my sheild to block enemies leaving them open or kiteing them around with the halberd.

My stats are,
Lvl 37
V15 A14 E17 S17 D17 R10 I10 F18

What I'm looking for:
I hate the Halberd for its attack is too slow, but the heavy attack being a wide sweep is nice but I miss my winged spear for its faster attack and sleeker look. I would love something that has a fast long reaching light jab attack for good damage, with a wide area sweep for the heavy attack. If such a thing doesn't exist I would rather fast with range, over area sweep.

I've used rapiers, katanas, claymores and so forth but my favorite has been the Astora straight sword for its move set, so just something similar if the Astora isn't worth upgrading.

I'm not too fussed, as long as it gets the job done I don't care, although I do like the way the grass and dragon crest shields look.

Some actual ranged:
So far all ranged weapons like bows, crossbows, pyromancy and soul arrows either do low damage with long slow attacks, or are actually quite powerful but aren't really ranged as they only go a bit further than my halberd can poke making them useless for what I want them for, sniping that snake monster in Darkroot Basin, I'm already fairly invested into miracles and was going to stop useing pyromancy, so I was wondering if miracles ever get any thing better than force push as an actual attack, if I can improve pyromancy or if there's any good bows/crossbows I can carry around with me.

Any and all constructive answers will be greatly appreciated, whether they help me or not, thank you.
Also this is my first time creating my own thing, although I have posted before I mostly just read other peoples forums and sorry for any bad grammar.
Never do others wrong, an less they started it.

User Info: Unbound-King

8 months ago#2
Winged Spear is good. Claymore is good. Halberd is good. Short Bow and Longbow are good as well.

Literally any weapon can take you to NG+7 and back.
If the Astora Straight Sword isn't doing too well for you now, pick up a Longsword.
Same moveset, but with better physical scaling and no holy modifier.

The main thing here is that you should've picked up the Large Ember in the Depths.
This let's Andre upgrade +5 weapons to +6 which can then go to +10 with Large Shards.
Large Shards can be obtained from the Slimes in the Depths and the Slugs in the area just beyond it, Blight Town.
Having a +10 Weapon will definitely be a noticeable increase in damage.

Also, it feels like you're spreading your stats too thin. It isn't much of a problem if you don't intend to cap your level, but it also means you'll have a harder time pumping up stats you actually want late game.
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User Info: Artgon

8 months ago#3
Unbound covered weapons pretty well. You can get a miracle named emit force from an npc if you follow his storyline for a bit. Once you have 25 fth(you can lower the requirement with coop) you can join a cov. and get lightning spear(later great lightning spear) which are pretty good with solid range. They also look badass.
There are a couple other offensive miracles but those are the best. There are also a couple of buffs that are considered one of the strongest things in the game (Sunlight/Darkmoon blade). They can trivialize most bosses if used on a fast weapon.

Never put points into resistance. Stats have diminishing returns after 40. 16 attunement is a good place to stop. 27/28 str is a good place to stop. Those are only if you are a filthy min-maxing scrub like me.

User Info: Weberjj007

8 months ago#4
I recently decided upon my highest "performance" level build, and am really happy with it. Part of it was taking advantage of some armor that may slip under the radar for new players.

Believe it or not, the Hollow Soldier/Warrior Waistcloth are very nice when upgraded. You get a ton of physical damage protection at a very low weight. Same with the Tattered Manchette, which is starting gear for a pyromancer and which you can find later on in the game otherwise.

Also, if your firekeeper gets killed at Firelink, grab that Dingy Robe and upgrade it big time. Another fantastic piece of relatively lightweight armor. If you go to the Painted World, kill King Jeremiah, and get his gear, upgrade the Xanthous Waistcoat. Antiquated dress comes in handy as well.

Also like the Painted Guardian set -- the headpiece in particular looks good with a lot of different outfits and has nice stats.

Anyway, I usually load up on some combination of that, make the Greatshield of Artorius after killing Sif, and can flip around with both high poise and strong physical damage protection.

User Info: BrelenRaven

8 months ago#5
Like Unbound said. Plain ol' Longsword is right up your alley. Claymore is good as well. : )
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User Info: MrDrSirLord1337

8 months ago#6
I'll give the long sword a swing then, and save my twinkling for the winged spear. Also were can I get more twinkling? I only have few, is it finite per playthrough or is there a farm /someone sells it like the black smith below the bonfire in undead parish sells regular titanit?

Also I assume Andre is the blacksmith I just mentioned, if so I did give him something that upgraded his upgrading skills to +6. So I'll try and get to +10 on whatever weapon I go with.

I don't really know any NPC names because they only say them once and it's not displayed when talking to them so I can't remember any but Trusty Patches because he almost made me fall of that bridge in the Catacombs and I 100% don't trust him at all what trustworthy person HAS "trusty " in there name ffs.

And as for my stats I was going to stop uping attunement when I unlocked a fourth slot then dump on Vitality and Endurance for a while, but will get Faith to 25 if miracles get better because if you saw any of my other characters from different RPGs you'd know I am a Min-max whore when given the chance.

So how do I get lightning spears? And who is this NPC Artgon mentioned, is it the fat cleric at firelink? His friends showed up but just complained about me when I talked to them, now their gone except for the first guy and he keeps crying about his Lady he was protecting before he'll sell to me.

Also in terms of Armor because Weberjj007 brought it up I'm useing the Sorcerer's hat, the leather chest that was part of the theives set, and the elite knight grieves and gauntlets which with my high equipment load counts as light armour and looks really nice. Only thing I would like to change is if there's a top hat or fedora of some description I could obtain.

And thanks for the replies and help, I honestly thought I wouldn't get any comments for a week or too. And was worried about wasting rare supplies on bad weapons.
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User Info: ChazA4

8 months ago#7
"Where can I get more twinkling titanite?" You can get that from man eating clams at an astoundingly high drop rate. There are two places that they respawn in, one near a boss door(which you should wait until after beating the boss to use). A blacksmith later in the game also sells it, but you're much better served to farm it(obviously).

"I assume Andre is the blacksmith..." He's one of a few, but he's arguably the most popular and useful one(second only to the Giant Blacksmith). The other two are Rickert(New Londo Ruins) who focuses on magic upgrades, and Vamos(Catacombs) who focuses on fire and chaos.

"I don't trust Trusty Patches." Very astute of you, friend. However, it IS worthwhile to forgive him...he'll stop being such a little **** eventually...

"Lightning spears?" There's a covenant you can join that will grant them to you if you upgrade your level in the covenant(by giving a certain item). You'll have to get past the red drake to get to it, though...and I mean using the bridge, not going under.

"Emit Force?" Wrong NPC. Artgon's referring to a jovial, sleepy-prone knight you should have met. Keep an eye out for him, he'll get into trouble now and again. As for the NPC you mentioned(Petrus), he's got a dark secret that comes to light after a while.

"Top hat or fedora?" You'll want to follow a wizard called Big Hat Logan's questline. Yes, there IS a reason for his name, and it's exactly what you're thinking. Rescue him a couple of times, then look for him where you fought a boss(and lost). If the hat is TOO big for you, search for an archer in a woodsy area; that should be exactly what you're looking for too.

You will find a lot of us frequenting this board by the way, so trust that you will get rather speedy answers. You being a new player is a bonus, because we love seeing the rookies progress and get better at this game. :D
Bad: When you attempt to disarm a trap, the GM says "Uh oh..."
Worse: When asking for the damage, they say "Does anyone have a calculator?"

User Info: Laurie1527

8 months ago#8
MrDrSirLord1337 posted...
and save my twinkling for the winged spear.

Minor detail but Winged Spear upgrades via normal titanite. I'm sure by the time you see this you'll have figured it out in game but just in case.

User Info: Artgon

8 months ago#9
Like ChazA4 posted to get the lightning spears miracle you must have join the sunlight bros. You must have 25 fth to join although you will need 30 to use the greater lightning spear miracle. 30 will let you use the best miracles in the game. To join you must get past the red drake guarding a room with a bonfire in the undead parish area. Once there to the right will be an open area with a statue that you can talk to only once you have 25 faith.

User Info: MrDrSirLord1337

8 months ago#10
Laurie1527 posted...
MrDrSirLord1337 posted...
and save my twinkling for the winged spear.

Minor detail but Winged Spear upgrades via normal titanite. I'm sure by the time you see this you'll have figured it out in game but just in case.

Yea I did figure it out, it was my Dragon crest shield that needed twinkling but I stoped useing it. So I'm just hoarding my twinkling now. But thanks for pointing that out anyways.

And yea a can't get past that red Dragon on the bridge yet, but I did go shoot off its tail, on a hunch after having gotten weapons from talking off the tails of the Bell gargoyles, and gapeing dragon. How many enemies drop weapons for cutting off their tails? But I'll push my faith to 30then when I'm nearing get past that bridge.

And the range for the winged spear is a bit less than the halberd, but I still prefer the spear. Just wondering if there's anything with the speed of the winged spear, but a foot or two more range?
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