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  3. Random flask recovery?

User Info: wardogjosh

7 years ago#1
Now and then I recover a single estus flask for no reason apparent to me. Any ideas?

User Info: Sputnik1337

7 years ago#2
someone in your area kindled their bonfire

User Info: roadkill888

7 years ago#3
I think it's a person kindling a bonfire in the area? That or someone rated your message.
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User Info: BigBoss2021

7 years ago#4
Someone in their world kindled the same bonfire you're saved at.
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User Info: T0mmyTheC4T

7 years ago#5
The last bonfire you were at was kindled by someone. For me this always happens at the bonfire above the blacksmith near the church.
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  3. Random flask recovery?
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