Opinions on cracked users?

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User Info: josh1230

5 years ago#1
I personally have no problem with most of them, what about you?

User Info: Bgrape

5 years ago#2
No problem
This is minecraft. Why would you want to deal with uneven terrain? If you don't like the lay of the land, you punch it until it shapes the f*** up.
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User Info: Sabram

5 years ago#4
i had to play a cracked version until i got it on the xbox, as i couldn't charge my debit card to buy it, since mojang is based in sweden.
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User Info: josh1230

5 years ago#5
I just wish they had more servers for non-premium

User Info: Kaushad

5 years ago#6
There is nothing at all illegal about this topic...

User Info: kjellboy

5 years ago#7
Notch said he didn't care, so I won't either. Most people tend to buy what they like anyway.
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User Info: Koite

5 years ago#8
Honestly, I was a cracked user but seeing how I enjoyed the game so much I eventually saved money up to buy it. I have no problems with cracked users, treat them the same as "paid" users at least.
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User Info: Tzuba12

5 years ago#9
I used to be a cracked player, but eventually bought the game. I still play on cracked servers.
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User Info: Cereborn

5 years ago#10
Am I to gather that "cracked" users are people who got the game illegally?

We've all been tempted by the internet free box, but expecting equal treatment as legitimate consumers of the game is just absurd.

Given how cheap Minecraft is and how much Notch has done for indie gaming, pirating MC is about as low as you can go.
The incomparable Michelle Trachtenberg
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