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User Info: 0Tyler0

10 years ago#1

Is it possible? I can't get it :(

User Info: 1337_Sn1p3r_69

10 years ago#2
I believe the game is based out of Sweden / Norway or something. Read your Visa giftcard, there's a good chance it only works in the US.

If so use the balance to buy a giftcard that works anywhere.
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User Info: Shadow_Slasher

10 years ago#3
It doesn't work. You have to buy via paypal and paypal now has a confirmation system which makes it so that gift cards do not work.
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User Info: kenshin1187

10 years ago#4
It actually is possible I just got the game a few days ago with a Visa gift-card. It might just depend on the specific card whether or not it works.

User Info: somegreenguy

10 years ago#5
I bought this game with a gift card I got from TD Bank. Been playing just over a week. Unless PayPal changed something very recently, it should still work.

Good luck!

User Info: RKO36

10 years ago#6
It's through Paypal so it should work. Where the money goes to really shouldn't matter.

User Info: DissRespectful

10 years ago#7
I just went to stop and shop and bought a visa giftcard then added it under credit card on paypal. Worked like a charm.

User Info: skeleblock

10 years ago#8
You can also use a Mastercard gift card, like I literally just did twenty minutes ago. :D
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