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  3. how do i get health back?
just_nonplussed 11 years ago#1
hope you can help me. how do i re-generate my hearts in the game?

thanks. :-) i am close to death because of zombies, and falling a few times.
SmoboHash 11 years ago#2
I may be wrong, but there is some pretty slow health regen over time.

Aside from that, you can eat pork from pigs (cook it in a furnace for double health) or grow wheat which makes bread.
Sahuagin 11 years ago#3
options include:
- kill pigs and eat their meat raw; this is the fastest way, but is a weak heal
- optionally cook the raw pig meat in a furnace for much better healing
- make bowls and find 2 types of mushroom to make mushroom soup; strong heal
- use a hoe to farm wheat and make bread
- there are also apples and golden apples, but they are extremely rare and prohibitively expensive, respectively.
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Face_Lost 11 years ago#4
There is no automatic health regeneration. Pork is the easiest way but make sure you cook it in a furnace because the health it heals will go up a lot. You can get wheat from planting seeds and such, then you craft wheat into bread, but that only heals 2.5 which isnt as much as cooked pork.

You can also make mushroom stew with heals the most besides golden apples by mixing a brown and red mushroom into a bowl.
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jake-sf 11 years ago#5

From: SmoboHash | #002
I may be wrong, but there is some pretty slow health regen over time.

Uh, no.

There's a fast regen in peaceful mode, but thats it.
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SmoboHash 11 years ago#6
I swear, after a long time of doing nothing but some safe mining, I seem to have my hearts regenerate. Probably just the sense of danger lessening.
just_nonplussed 11 years ago#7
okay, but how do you eat the pork? i tried taking it out of a box on the inventory and placing it over my character, but it didn't work.
FnordTough 11 years ago#8
To eat, equip the pork and right click.
just_nonplussed 11 years ago#9

cheers. you've saved me many naieve deaths. :-p
Adifferentcity 11 years ago#10
No one has mentioned yet that dieing refills your health completely. As long as you can reach your items there is no penalty for death. Some people find this a bit gamy, but it's a valid option.
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