Both DLCs have most of their achievements glitched.

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  3. Both DLCs have most of their achievements glitched.

User Info: xenodolf

7 years ago#1
I've spent about 3 hours working with The Sacrifice for both L4Ds and the only achievements I can get to unlock are the standard "beat the sacrifice" and the one for sacrificing yourself as Bill. I suggest people hold off on buying the DLCs until a patch or some exploit allows you to earn your rightfully deserved achievements.
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User Info: pounder60JD

7 years ago#2
ive heard that many people can get most or all of the achievements for l4d2, by playing on a local server. ive only managed to get the 2 for finishing the campaign and letting bill die, in the first l4d. the 3 generator one and killing special infected with a barrel didnt unlock for me. i havent tried the 2nd one yet, but just try a local server, see if it works.

User Info: t3h_great_J

7 years ago#3
not sure about the first one, but i had trouble with the three generators and killing the SI with the exploding barrel in single player.

Not sure if it's a requirement but for "Chaos Generator" I believe you need 3 people to start all three within seconds of each other, or almost at the exact same time, it's how our group got it. as for "Barrel Rolled", it seems like the SI has to die by the barrel alone, but not the explosion. My friends got it in versus, after shooting a barrel, the fire killed a boomer giving them their bleep bloop.

I for one, along with two of my friends have all the achievements for the DLC... if you need proof, Mister Mavrick and Xenyth13 will back me up. We didn't have much trouble getting any of them as if they were glitched, at least in L4D2... None of us has tried the first yet.
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User Info: Cosmok14

7 years ago#4

I had no problem getting all the achievements, the only difficult one was sacrifizzle but i still got it

User Info: matthias2k1

7 years ago#5
I'm thinkin' that the last 2 achievements are online multiplayer only (obviously the last one is) and can't be done in single player. I used an adrenaline shot and started all three generators as fast as possible with no problems and still didn't get the achievement. The barrel one is too hard, so I haven't even bothered trying to get that yet. Although one time I did blow one up by a hunter, but the game said one of the other AI killed it, so I didn't get the credit somehow.
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User Info: glass_eater

7 years ago#6
You have to start all three up at the same time.

So... one survivor at each one, count down over your mic and turn them all on in-sync.
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User Info: Gheeness

7 years ago#7
I was playing against my brother in on L4D2, and when he went to sacrifice himself I managed to incap him as a jockey, funny thing is he got the sacrafizzle achievement and I didn't. I did read the thing right, didn't I? You"re supposed to be the infected incapacitating, not the one "being" incapacitated, right?

User Info: ssaopi2

7 years ago#8
Gheeness, you are correct. This wasn't too bad to get in L4D2... I hear it is broken in L4D though
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  3. Both DLCs have most of their achievements glitched.

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