The end... *spoilers?*

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User Info: Wandrian

7 years ago#11

From: shackle_dackle | Posted: 10/11/2010 3:07:45 AM | #010
I wanted something like the end of the passing where there is at least a comment about the sacrifice.

I think there *ARE* comments about it, it's just there's so much crap going on it's really really hard to hear or read it.

User Info: DarthKalak

7 years ago#12
what i would have liked for the sacrifice would be 2 more levels...

a level where you fight alongside the soldiers and then ditch them when you're going for the train...

and an extra level for when you reach the island
Lakers and Bulls

User Info: CalistoCoon

7 years ago#13

From: Wandrian Wvlf | #009
I think adding a cutscene would be bad. Do you guys like to sit through the opening cutscenes in each campaign? How would you like it if there was an addition three minute cutscene tacked onto Versus mode when a team actually gets to sacrifice one of their survivors? if you think that sounds good...well, good for you. You're dumb and I hate your dumb opinion.

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