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  3. Should I junk my old PSO2 gear in New Genesis?
DexterTheThird 7 months ago#1
There’s over 100 items in both of my storages that aren’t usable in NG and I don’t plan to go back to PSO2. Should I just delete them or sell them to make room for stuff in NG?
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Ragnawind 7 months ago#2
If you plan to never play the base game again, yes, since they will just be a massive waste of storage.
mr sniffles 7 months ago#3
Yeah, there's been a lot of "but, what if...?" But I think Sega has established this is a new game and nothing but cosmetics will carry over.

I mean, you could try and put some of your more rare stuff up for sale. But other than that, you may as well pitch it.
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Shinryu Masaki 7 months ago#4
Your character's Inventory is separate between both games, so nothing you have in there for PSO2 will carry over and take space in NGS, aside the lone Outfit/Outwear you have equiped. I'd say keep your best weapons and armors for your favorite classes in your PSO2 Inventory JUST in case you need to go back to the game for whatever reasons.

You never know, maybe people you play with might want to go back to the old game to do something and want your help, so at least you wont be naked if that happens. You lose absolutely nothing doing so since NGS won't use what's in your PSO2 Inventory anyway, so no spaces lost there.

As for the rest of the things in your Storage (Default, Character, Premium and/or Material), if it's stuff you can't use in NGS and you will never use again, then just sell it at the shop for some PSO2 meseta, in case some cosmetic pops up at the Treasure Shop, like an accessory you wanted to get.
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darkknight39 7 months ago#5
trade stuff into ex cubes and then the cubes into grinders and sell the grinders. quick and easy cash while getting rid of old crap.
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Ragnawind 7 months ago#6
One thing to note is that Meseta and N-Meseta are different currencies, so even if you sell items in PSO2 the currency does NOT transfer over to NGS. PSO2's Meseta can only be used in PSO2. Most, if not all, future AC items will be for NGS, which would make PSO2 Meseta only useful for old cosmetics designed for the old models and maybe units for transferring to NGS until you get the better NGS gear. Most NGS gear is superior to PSO2 gear of what I have seen, but some units are better than the NGS armor for awhile
Hayato Nekketsu 7 months ago#7
At this point unless you really want to play old PSO2 it's better to just convert as much as you can to Meseta and buy up emotes (and outfits/hair/accessories) to use in NGS. Unfortunately the economy is completely FUBAR'd now so everything is stupidly expensive compared to what it was just a few weeks ago so good luck getting older items.
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  3. Should I junk my old PSO2 gear in New Genesis?
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