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  3. What is the server most people play on?

User Info: ozran

6 months ago#1
I have always wanted to play this game and I finally got a laptop that can run it. What is the ship that has a good population and community?
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User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
6 months ago#2
I believe the population goes from Ship 1 > Ship 2 > Ship 3, but all 3 ships are relatively close in population. Ship 4 is the exception where there's very low population compared to the previous 3.

Ship 3 has the worst economy. All the whales and shop flippers are on ship 3. Some random fashion item selling for 200K on Ship 2 may cost 10 times the price on Ship 3, so that's a ship to avoid.

Ship 4 has the cheapest economy, everything is dirt cheap there, but it's a hard decision to make if you want to be playing on a barren server.
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User Info: Rajamic

6 months ago#3
At least around launch,Ship 2 was by far the most densely populated ship. Somehow, most of the streamers decided to be on that ship, so everyone following them went there. Only ship I ever saw report "Crowded" status when logging in. Not sure how true that is anymore, though.

User Info: mr sniffles

mr sniffles
6 months ago#4
I'm on ship 4, and 'barren' is an overstatement. Even at the less than prime-time I usually play (5am eat), I have never waited more than 5-6 minutes to get a full 12 for a buster

User Info: nhat

5 months ago#5
Ship 2 definitely the most populated, then 1 then 3. 4 was unlocked when steam was release so new players that don't like playing with the earlier release can go there. It's still fairly populated so if you prefer that, it's not a bad choice
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User Info: RoadRollerGuy

5 months ago#6
Ded game. Gonna wait for NGS.
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User Info: Lunchbox486

3 weeks ago#7
RoadRollerGuy posted...
Ded game. Gonna wait for NGS.

whats NGS?.....*doh just realized this was 5 months ago*
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User Info: M_Jackson007

3 weeks ago#8
This game is far from dead, and some of the more active alliances still do older content. It just requires joining the best alliances, and right now that's Waifu Academy on ship 4!
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User Info: __C_L_O_U_D__

3 weeks ago#9
Lunchbox486 posted...
whats NGS?.....*doh just realized this was 5 months ago*

New Genesis. Weird hybrid expansion/overhaul/new game.

And the JP version was sorta revived with the NGS graphics/character creation update that was released a month back. At the very least, it brought a lot of players back as I'm seeing a lot of people with that "returning player" marker. Might see similar results on NA when that hits there.
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