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User Info: DoctorDoom80

6 months ago#11
Laplacia posted...
depends on whether you want zhang to have access to your entire filesystem or not

I think you mean Xi.
Bnet: DoctorDoom#1357

User Info: NeoJ4K3

3 months ago#12
Pso2 is a much better game and experience

User Info: M_Jackson007

3 months ago#13
That's funny, my sister plays Genshin. Then she couldn't get into PSO2's story at all and complained about how it was presented. I swear, people all play the same s*** and make up the stupidest excuses to not play anything else.
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User Info: robertxtm

3 months ago#14
I play both, GI has a very very slow sense of progression since materials are not that hard to obtain but you are limited on what you can do in 1 game session because of resin for a free player, otherwise whales will just do whatever they want. Also the game is party specific which makes things harder for a free player.

PSO2 is your typical mmo. It has variety and flexibility on characters and gears. It provides you the tools to progress faster if you want to. Weapons in the legendary 1 collection folder is pretty good for most people. You can just use any class to do all the content.

User Info: DrVonRupee

2 months ago#15
Get Phantasy Star Zero :) my favorite in the series. Or Phantasy Star Online (+ version) on the GameCube, which is another excellent one. Or Blue Burst, if you’re only on PC.

All of those have superb gameplay, fully-functioning online servers (they’ve been revived by fans), great offline modes (except for Blue Burst), better art styles (imo) and NO gacha system or in-game payment system. They wont take your money.
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