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  3. What are your plans for PSO2 day?

User Info: nhat

3 months ago#1
There's also a week long experience and rare drop bonus too? I know I'm just going to save up my keys on that day but not sure what else.

They keys are a huge god send for leveling.
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User Info: Laplacia

3 months ago#2
data installs, feed the photon tree, grab an exp weapon. there is a 350% exp boost that overlaps with both pso2 days on my server. today (non-pso2 day) it took merely 10 gold keys to get a class from 85 to 95. bretty good

User Info: Srheeropercent

3 months ago#3
I've been saving my keys since 5 days ago Should have enough to get my main Ranger from 76 to max.

If any keys are spare, I will level my second character to 50ish then use the rest of the keys on them.
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User Info: Nabgil

3 months ago#4
man I got so busy schedule this week, and the boost and all... hope I can make an extended session saturday, my alt lv 71 atm (to be new main) and will probably spam naverius ultimate after dailes/weeklies on 2-3toons. Also need to do some arenas, dayum.
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  3. What are your plans for PSO2 day?
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