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User Info: VCS_JimR

10 years ago#1
I am Jim Richardson and I am the Lead Designer on EDF:IA.
I ought to have my rank 8 asbestos Battle Armor on, coming in here—but here I am. I have read this board regularly throughout the dev cycle and wished I could answer some concerns/explain some things, but talking about an ongoing project is usually a big no-no.
I can start out saying that I am a big fan of the EDF series. I freely admit that I played way more 2017 than the previous 2 titles.
It’s obvious that everyone takes something different away from a game as its defining essence. There’s no denying that and there’s no denying the fact that you can’t please everybody.
It’s a sad fact of this business that game series’ with poor sales usually don’t continue. As fun as all of us know that 2017 was, it didn’t sell a lot of copies here. At all. Most games that sell like it did wouldn't come to the west again. I was pleasantly surprised and humbled that we were asked to make a game in the EDF universe. Main stipulations were: A. Make it have more appeal to western gamers, and B. Online Co-op.
Believe me when I say that the design changes were not flippant decisions- careful thought went into all of them (or they were forced by technical constraints).
An awful lot of the changes were made in the service of online playability and co-op team play. A bunch of things that work well playing in the same room with someone or playing single player just don’t work online. Maybe, if playing with headsets and people you know and trust, but that’s not always the case.
The need for network speed also forced a number of changes.

Here are a couple examples of changes made and why:

Bouncing Bug Corpses—there’s a definite ceiling on the number of active entities/physics objects that can be ingame (networked) without causing significant performance hits. It ultimately came down to the fact that the dead bugs had to get cleaned up so we could max the number of live bugs at a given time. Hit em hard enough and they still fly around a bit.

Revival—I fought with this idea for a long time and went back and forth on it. I thought player death was handled perfectly in 2017. Perfectly, considering if I was playing I was either by myself or in the same room as my co-player. Online, there’s a lot less a chance someone who dies is gonna sit there and spectate . In all likelihood they leave the game and move to another one. That could cause frustration both for the quitter and quittees. Believe me….full team wipes happen plenty.

Shared Health Pickups— I think they reinforce the “team” idea- eliminating the situation where you are hurt bad but Random online dude is at 95% health and ganks the only pickup and you die. You also have a health “overcharge” (that’s the 2nd health bar overlay)—if your health is full, picking up health pickups heals your squadmates and gives you a bonus health bump. Win win, in my book.

Waypoints were there in 2017. Maybe a little different, but they were there. Our missions are longer (in general) and in the interest of keeping players on relatively the same page in online multiplayer, we made stuff a little more clear. You have to assume that people do not have headsets and are not in the same room, talking to one another.

More later….

Most (if not all) of the demo footage HAS been shot with jacked up armors and weapons fighting in “Normal Mode” (meaning “Easy”). In this situation, some of the multi-seeking missiles tend to be overkill and take out five enemies with a single trigger pull—making swarms look smaller than they are and a lot less dangerous. Believe it.

Once you have beaten the game, you can play with bots turned off. One player, this means no revives.

I’ll be glad to answer questions, concerns etc. when I can. Post/Flame away.

Btw—I would say it’s definitely a bit more L4D/TF/Tribes with Ants than COD.
Jim Richardson
Game Designer--Vicious Cycle Software

User Info: qamefaqs

10 years ago#2
Thanks a lot for the feedback and detailed explanations.

It's rare that we see anything like this on this board.

User Info: BigFH

10 years ago#3
How much enemy variation are u going to have? From what I have seen there are the bugs and then cyborg bugs. Along with that I saw giant robots, spaceships, motherships, daddy longs legs, spider, ticks, mantises. And Wasps.

What are all the different bugs that u will have in this game?

Also do the cyborg bugs behave differently than the standard bugs, are is it like Dead Space where the variation comes from the same enemy, but is darker and those enemies are usually faster, stronger, and take more damage.

For the turrets do u unlock better stronger ones in the game or ones that might be stronger but slower firing or faster firing but weaker.

User Info: Heavenlysheol

10 years ago#4
Wow. I appreciate that you came on to the boards here. I thank you and am looking forward to playing IA. Can you tell us what ideas you may have for future DLC ideas if any?
I don't know much about the level designs either, can you elaborate a bit on what the stages are like?
The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense.

User Info: tlcain

10 years ago#5

First off, this is awesome and thank you for coming here and explaining things a bit. I'm kind of a recovering hater on this game, but I use the term hater very loosely because I've had my preorder paid in full for months now. I've always planned to buy the game, but just didn't like some of the changes, most of which you addressed.

However. could you address the explosions a bit? Like you, I played way more of 2017 than any other EDF game, and that was a quality that I felt was very important to the crazy and over-the-top feeling of 2017. However, in most of the videos I've seen, that's been toned down quite a bit. The daddy long legs seems to be the worst offender, in that it looks like one of the tougher and cooler enemies, but just kind of poofs and disappears when it dies.

User Info: Mtpgamer

10 years ago#6
Can you say anything about the weapon drops vs/ buying weapons from a list? I know people seem to be split...some like grinding for weapons and some like the idea of being able to choose what to go for.

Is there any happy medium? "Nuke boxes"? Also, will it be at least challenging to acquire all of the weapons? I think even if they don't admit it, people playing EDF games like at least a "Bit" of a grind :-)

Anyway thanks for coming over here, most devs would not do that.

User Info: TuefelHundenIV

10 years ago#7

Thanks for stopping in. That was very informative.

The no bots option has my interest piqued for additional challenge.

User Info: xionnoix

10 years ago#8
thank you very much for stopping by and posting this info. Can't wait for next week!
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User Info: Herzon316

10 years ago#10
Great see you on the board, I remember you posted comments to some of the videos; from GDC I think. My biggest question is the pre-order DLC packs, are they going to be purchasable after release? The split promotion between retailers has me debating on a second copy to have to whole set. Any ideas on that situation or do you have to wait out contracts with the retailers before you can do anything? Day one release, or maybe a week (or two tops), would be great.

Herzon Hree'Sith
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