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User Info: MaloVolpe

6 years ago#1

I decided that something that could help time pass is to start a wiki dedicated to the Earth Defense Force series. Contributions especially about EDF1 and 2 would be appreciated.


User Info: Vamphaery

6 years ago#2
Whoah. That's quite a bit of work. Great job and this is a valuable resource! I love it when people do things like this.

I haven't played EDF 1 or 2 sadly, but I would direct you to the FAQs for those games here on GameFAQs for some pertinent information on them, and Wikipedia.

Global Defense Force (EDF 2):

The Chikyuu Boueigun (EDF 1):

In Europe, EDF 1 was known as Monster Attack I believe. Very difficult to find information on it here or elsewhere, unfortunately. In Japan it was called Chikyuu Boueigun.

Good luck, and EEDDDDFFF!!!!
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User Info: xionnoix

6 years ago#3
awesome job man, thanks.

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