Something just doesn't feel right

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User Info: Lost_Djinn

6 years ago#11
I am aware, but he could have been less insulting and exaggerating about it. So I felt it was necessary to give him a response that might make him aware of that.

There is nothing wrong with liking one thing over the other and presenting an clear example of that. There was no need to belittle other people's opinion and acting arrogant at that as well.

Unless someone wants to argue that people don't like to have features etc in games that they know they will enjoy, or that there is something wrong with that.

I can understand where the guy is coming from, but like I mentioned before. There are better ways.

User Info: MaloVolpe

6 years ago#12

Yeah, you are right. I know how long I will be playing this game.

User Info: ColGryFox

6 years ago#13
Actually, I think there is more turret types in IA than 2017, and not all weapons are bought from cash, the "legendary" weapons are random drops from the boss bugs.

User Info: ShamblerQ

6 years ago#14
My only disappointment so far is that the explosions in this game look very pitiful. From the game play videos, they all look weak and small. Nothing that looks like its very threatening, not like a mushroom cloud, however.

User Info: MaloVolpe

6 years ago#15

You should see the Pesticide Gun trailer.

User Info: Lost_Djinn

6 years ago#16
"Actually, I think there is more turret types in IA than 2017,"

Not really, Both have 3 turret types. * I don't consider a radar to be a turret, but a radar* Except that 2017 has multiple variations of the machine gun and rocket type * Only one sniper variant* , IA has only one of each.

User Info: MaloVolpe

6 years ago#17

Well since turrets are an ability that gets stronger as you level the tactical armor up, I think thats a good thing.

User Info: Bayman71

6 years ago#18
Insects flying through the air was definitely my favorite part. It was like DBZ, I could see bugs being launched by massive attacks from my friend, and he could see mine. It was like a competition.
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User Info: LordOfTheMash

6 years ago#19
^ Exactly.

It made the co-op feel that much more co-op-y. But all that happens now is your targets melt away / disintegrate inconspicuously, making the game will feel like some watered down TPS.

There's no point in EDF trying to aspire to be a Gears level shooter because the foundation of the game isn't in place to facilitate thus. So unless they overhaul the entire game engine and make it something completely different in the hope they're bettering the series in the process, then they should be sticking as close to the original games as possible.

The thing is, this game won't gather some Halo-esque fanbase, no matter what happens with IA. And if they alienate the core fans of the series, they'll kill it dead.

After all, most haven't exhausted EDF 2017 or the Ps2 version yet -- if it's even possible to exhaust the replay value of a game like EDF. I for one haven't completed either iteration. So if IA doesn't deliver where it's meant to, its no big deal to stick with the original games.

User Info: Heavenlysheol

6 years ago#20
I too, miss shooting ants into space, but this does not keep me from wanting the game at all. Nor do the weapon restrictions for classes. The game looks like a lot of fun. The explosions I think look great, the fact that there are twice as many weapons is a plus,and I'm just happy that there seems to be a wide variety of enemies rather then ant, spider, and Godzilla.
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