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User Info: Dragin_Master

1 month ago#1
So I've made a Dex build char, then a Paladin char. Now I'm ready to try a "Pure" Sorceror build:

So I'm not talking about any spells to use nor any of the catalysts. I know that a "pure" sorc shouldn't even be using melee attacks, but it sucks when I run out of spells and have to resort to physical attacks. I'm fully aware of the Moonlight Sword and the Moonlight Butterfly horn. (tho I'm down to hear other reccomendations) I will be using both of those weapons nonetheless.

What would be the best "Normal" melee weapon that I can cast "Magic weapon" onto?
What would be the best "Normal" melee weapon that I can modify into Magical/Enchanted?

I'm looking for weapons that require low STR and low DEX. I'm also on the lower Stamina/END side too. I'm diving high onto INT. ATT's 23 now, not ready to make it 28 yet. Right now I'm 35 and using an Estoc, and casting "Magic weapon" on it. Feel free to say of any sorc builds you have made and how well they've done and tactics. Especially into end-game.
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User Info: Strelok

1 month ago#2
IMO, the best weapon, hands down no question, is Velkas Rapier. With good enough int, this sucker can backstab for 1500ish damage. Absolutely insane.

As for anything else, Enchanted will generally always be better than Magic, because the way the formula works.
In general, I'd suggest a dagger, rapier or spear, because you can either have the extra crit multiplier from the dagger, or the ability to poke from behind a shield with the other two.

But Velkas Rapier is without a doubt king for a sorcerer that dabbles into stabbing things.

Another more unorthodox option is the Reinforced Club, with a Lightning enchant. Very low requirements, good damage, and the lightning enchant means you won't have to deal with pumping your stats up. Very little in the game has lightning resist, and I think point for point, the Reinforced Club deals the highest damage for its weightclass.
The extra Bleed on it helps a ton too.

User Info: c_s_tadsen

1 month ago#3
Strelok made a good suggestion about the Spear. I'd also recommend the Partizan; it functions similarly to the Spear, with the added luxury of a wide, sweeping attack with the R2 for crowd control.

On a separate note... If you don't want to invest in STR/DEX ( or, at least, not beyond a certain bare minimum to equip a weapon), don't overlook the potential in upgrading a weapon to Chaos; so long as you can maintain enough Humanity you're golden. I ran a Pyromancer who ran around main handing a Balder Side Sword upgraded to Chaos, and he was a ton of fun. (Well, up to NG+3, where I lost interest and moved on to something else, lol.) Not quite a "true" sorcerer, but functionally it was close. The only place it had problems was PvP- and that was mostly just me, lol.
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User Info: Strelok

1 month ago#4
The true enemy in pvp is latency.
Twice I was in the animation of backstabbing, only to suddenly fall down and lose all my health because I was backstabbed.
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