early planning for NG+ (putting points into Int)

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User Info: dubbyonahill

5 months ago#1
Right so i'm currently SL 98 (i think) i'm still in my first game but doing some grinding/clearing out

i currently have 34 str 30 dex 20 vit and a LOT of endurance (my weight limit is 75 without rings)

anyhoo i'm currently raising my Int for NG+ its at 26 ATM

i'm raising INT to use spells like Soul Spear and Crystal Soul Spear..since magic will make bosses in NG+ a LOT easier to deal with (Artorias for example)

is this wise?..or should i go get 40 STR and 40 Dex first...Or start putting a LOT more points into Vit?

or hey..would Faith be more useful?

i Have Nito the last boss and the two remaining DLC bosses to beat as well as the Anor Londo "hidden" boss and...her (cry's I don't want to do it) and since levelling is starting to cost 57k souls..i wont be getting many more levels in my current game

EDIT: i forgot to mention i have fully upgraded and ascended Pyromancy flame and all the important techniques (chaos-great fire orb-tempest-power within etc)

User Info: chefbobby203

5 months ago#2
You'll do more damage with a strength or quality weapon than with magic at this point, but you could stand for some more vitality for ng+ as the enemies will hit a bit harder.

They also will have higher resistances, so I'm not sure how much easier pumping int would be for you at this point. I personally wouldn't try using soul spears on artorias either since he can melee you from the other side of the map pretty much(always thought that was stupid...no ranged attacks, just let him fly)
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  3. early planning for NG+ (putting points into Int)

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