New game. What builds should I run?

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User Info: sirhett

6 months ago#11
Large club, great axe, great club, reinforced club
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User Info: Artemis86

6 months ago#12
Just got a greataxe. I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the list!
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User Info: magikid

6 months ago#13
Demon's Greataxe is the "best" choice for pure STR because of its ridiculous damage and scaling. Don't think of it like it's your only choice if it doesn't quite feel right, though.
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User Info: DunkStein

6 months ago#14
Personally, man serpent great sword str build is my favorite, I’d go with that!
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User Info: Artemis86

6 months ago#15
does man serpent gs require dex? it looks rad. This guy's got no levelling cap so I can level whatever I want, i always do one no limit char, one 120, and usually tons of low levels.

I'm at Sen's, playing through my first run legit till ng+, but I'll prolly get muled for some of the others.
Love and joy, and joyness

User Info: Nenjii

6 months ago#16
Demons Greataxe is boss. That 1 handed slam is very good in PvP, when you learn how to utilize it. It's probably the best STR weapon, tied with the Large Club. So I'd stick with those.

The STR requirement is like 46 (I think,off the top of my head), to 1 hand it, but the 1 handed moveset is so worth it. I think you can buy the DGA if you join the Forest covenant, and send Shiva of the East to Blighttown under the rotating wheel. That's about the earliest you can get it.
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User Info: chefbobby203

6 months ago#17

2 hand the man serpent greatsword, but really any strength weapon works there(in 1 hand, could go to 68 to 1 hand smough hammer)
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