How to counter someone's counter-backstab?

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User Info: Daimeion

4 months ago#11
OlTrustyPatches posted...
Maybe try lock on strafe backstabbing, then when you see your opponent realize your fishing, there's a good chance he'll unlock and run behind you the same direction you're strafing. Then when he does this, YOU unlock and strafe behind for a bs. I've done this a couple times and it works mostly on bad-average pvpers.

Ah, yes. Maybe I could also trying unlock, instead of strafe behind for a bs, turn around and parry.

User Info: Vicious_Dios

4 months ago#12
Allow yourself to be backstabbed to psyche-out the opponent. Repeat until you get a screen prompt.
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User Info: SolidKnight

4 months ago#13
Use a spear. Poke once then flip away.

User Info: xXDarkxIdealsXx

4 months ago#14
HavelMum posted...
Daimeion posted...
haarlem1982 posted...
Don't be so damn obvious with your bs attempts

But that's the whole point...
I'm purposely trying to be obvious to condition my opponent.
In other words, I'm manipulating them to do a backstab counter, so I can counter that counter.

i think you're overthinking this games' actual complexity

More like he's overestimating the playerbase's complexity lol
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  3. How to counter someone's counter-backstab?

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