Poll time! #2

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User Info: Daimeion

7 months ago#1
What time do you guys play the game? - Results (37 votes)
29.73% (11 votes)
59.46% (22 votes)
Others (please specify in the comments)
10.81% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I usually play during time night because I'm busy in the daytime.

User Info: TheArgonianKing

7 months ago#2
I play whenever i have some free time.
I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad/Got sunshine, in a bag/I'm useless, but not for long/The future, it's coming on

User Info: chefbobby203

7 months ago#3
Almost always at night due to work. Sometimes early morning like 5 am if I happen to wake up that early

User Info: CFallenWarrior

7 months ago#4
2012 to 2015

User Info: Zethras

7 months ago#5
Daytime, usually, since evening and nightime are usually devoted to play by chat RPG's :D
Sometimes I like to play at night, tough, usually after 2 am
Vereor Nox
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