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User Info: domine_dragon

4 months ago#11
on my bed

User Info: RapidDarkness

4 months ago#12
Upside down bucket
I wear no mask.

User Info: Zethras

4 months ago#13
It kinda depends from where I am and what I am playing. Meaning: if I play Dark Souls 1, 2 or 3, since I own them on pc, I play on a chair, since I play on pc and I can easilly access to some comforts (e.g: ash tray, cigarettes, something to drink and so on). If I play Bloodborne, it means I am at my girlfriend's place, since I don't own Ps4. She has placed console and tv on a drawer, right in front of the bed. So while playing Bloodborne I sit on the edge of the bed, or sometimes (when the part I'm playing doesn't require that much attention or while I'm farming) laying on the bed,with the feet on the pillow :D
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User Info: BigHatLuke

3 months ago#14
I tend to play standing up or sitting upright with good posture.
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