How would I go about making Strider Hiryu?

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User Info: NotSnowske

5 months ago#1
Aside from the mountains and mountains of gold pine resin I'll need to make sure nobody notices I don't actually have a plasma sword I'm not actually sure what I'd need to wear. I'm pretty rusty at this game or at least it's been far too long since I've even thought about any of the armor sets in this game.

Strider Hiryu is a guy wearing mostly bluey-purple with brown hair and a red scarf/veil cover. It shouldn't be that hard but I'm drawing blanks.

The actual builds easy though, just max speed max flimsiness.
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User Info: Daimeion

5 months ago#2
Here's the thing, the armor are all there, but the colour will be off.
For example, Shadow leggings, Thief Mask.
But the leggings are black, not blue, and the mask is not red.
And even then, only female character get to remove the "hood".

What makes Strider Hiryu unique is his blue colour scheme, and you won't really find that in Dark Souls.
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  3. How would I go about making Strider Hiryu?

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