Anyone got cracked red eyes for trade?

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User Info: TMS_PYRO

6 months ago#1
Hey i want to get into pvp but the actual pvp covenants are full of super high level players and maybe i could find fights that suit me better with regular invasions.

I did things in a way i couldnt find the npc that sells them so im trading:

A few red, blue and white chunks of titanite
1 Titanite Slab (farming for more right now)
Soul items (Hero, Brave warrior)

Depending on the amount of red eyes in the trade.

My PSN username is Ziggurat17 and my character's soul level is 77, so maybe i can help you with a boss or have a couple duels.

User Info: pelethar

6 months ago#2
I'd really think about doing a fresh playthrough and creating a character that gets the red eye orb. Whatever you do you're likely to keep running out of cracked orbs and getting frustrated.

Doing that you can also think about planning your character build for pvp as well. Optimise your stats for high level pvp or do a low level build that will open up options in the burg and parish too (which are very busy and good fun).
PSN - pelethar

User Info: stach3d

6 months ago#3
Hey whaddup, i got some cracked red eyes if you are interested. psn:stached
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  3. Anyone got cracked red eyes for trade?

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