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User Info: caelitus1

5 years ago#41
this is a roll playing game, not a role playing game

User Info: MatrixAndrAIa

5 years ago#42
Victory!! - yes, the two exclamation points are part of her name. A red headed holy knight (starting class Cleric this time). Wears the Brass Armor set without helmet, although she's high enough level now to wear Havel's Gauntlets (dependent on weapon/shield choice) for a nice 53 Poise. I rebuild this character in every single game that gives full character customization. She's a part of me, and somewhat personal.
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User Info: LycanthropusRex

5 years ago#43
Abigail- My first character. Dex/int build named after the King Diamond record/song.
Murderface- Named after William Murderface of Dethklok. 50 faith build.
Bernie- SL45 pyro. Get it? So clever.
Melissa- Another dex int. More streamlined. Another King Diamond/ Mercyful Fate reference.
Kasumi- DoA ninja chick. Faith Int builds are fun!
Yngwie- Quality Pyro named after Yngwie Malmsteen, inventor of the electric guitars!
Ornstein- Yea orny build I copied from Jumi. Having 27 endurance is harsh. He's on the chopping block.
IronGolem- Str build. Used him to troll Sen's fortress and acted like a mini boss.
Magus- Speed caster. I like int builds! Named after the coolest character in Chrono Trigger.
Bilstein- Dex faith build. Anyone remember Star Gladiator on the PS1? Yeah, he was the last boss.
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User Info: brandonford

5 years ago#44
Ghost Gigan
Lilith Spectre
King Thorn
Greyson Grim
Hannibal King
Witch Yulva
Dark Liza
Shadow Bane
Knight Vulka
PSN Odinson31

User Info: Skullspike

5 years ago#45
Reaper Delx: SL20 (Defunct after DWGR nerf. Not the same without bony chestpiece.)
DkSwd SP20: SL120 (Uses Darksword, soul sorceries)
Soldier Tariah: SL120 (Uses SKS and Composite Bow, no magics)
Healer Charon: SL120 (Uses healing miracles, co-ops often)
Darkmage Dexi: SL120 (Uses a greatsword and dark sorceries)
The Lanky One: SL120 (Artorias cosplay, uses pyromancy)
Destroyer Talz: SL120 (Uses heavy armor, heavy weaponry, no magics)

Eventually, want to build a Dragonoid of sorts but cannot decide upon primary attribute.

User Info: Lodiss

5 years ago#46
Ren- 1st character, dex/int currently using mlbh and iaito with cmw. Sl 200, forest hunter +3, pvp host in many zones, but not the kiln

Kain- 2nd character, str/fai currently using divine zwei and dragon tooth with slb. Sl 180, forest hunter +3, pvp host in fewer zones but one of those zones is the kiln

Rile- 3rd character, dex/pyro currently using uchigatana . Sl 100, darkwraith +3, only hosts in the kiln, invades everywhere else.
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User Info: wyvernhbaby

5 years ago#47
Mana The Mad: ascended pyromancer with the great sword of astoria! Wears gold hemmed set but leggings of favor with mask of the child. Also he is light skinned and of the dragon covenant. He is 100% bad ass

User Info: Fa-Qiu

5 years ago#48
Eryss: SL104 fail attempt at Dex/Pyro, my 1st char
Titania: SL135 Str/Fth
Idhril: SL62 current Dex/Pyro
Nymeria: SL45 40/40 Quality build in progress

And I'mma make a Dragon Bone Fist char and name him SisterFister.
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