Unspeakable question...

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User Info: HolyGrave

5 years ago#31
hemphoarder posted...
i would be in a gutter somewhere drowning in my own vomit...
Summoning failed

User Info: DarkfireAxel

5 years ago#32
Planescape: torment, Dragon Quest VIII (4 years since I've started it, didn't finish it yet :/) Dragon's Dogma
Vintrens Kulde, Snart Tilfulde, Oc Hans Laengsel, Mod Een Vinternat...
...Ulven Vandrer Eene...

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

5 years ago#33
Right now?

Batman Arkham City GOTY, Bastion, Witcher 2 Enhanced, and Super Hexagon.

I'm getting bored of DkS anyway. I'm turning into a PC gamer with my new graphics card.

User Info: Vidius101

5 years ago#34
Final Fantasy 13-2
Programmed Java, Python, Mat Lab, Project Alice, MS DOS and ADA.
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